SO many benefits packed into this little jar

Easy shoe cleaner


Fill up a container (bucket, storage tote, whatevs!), stir in the Kicks Fyx, and let it go to work.  You really don’t have to do anything else – just rinse them afterwards.


During the soak, the Kicks Fyx works it’s way into the deepest parts of the shoe, carrying dirt, grime, and those wonderful funky smells out with it.

Clean Multiple pairs

Fit as many shoes in your container as you want; if you have small feet it’s like you’re getting a discount (more shoes fit!).

The Easiest DEEP clean

Other shoe cleaners only clean the surface of shoes.  Even if they work, they won’t touch the inside dirt, grime, and funk.


Welcome to the EASIEST and MOST COMPLETE shoe cleaner that will clean your shoes inside and out, with ZERO EFFORT from you.  Kick back and relax while Kicks Fyx does the work.  #YouEarnedIt

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Kicks Fyx is a new & better way to clean shoes – the WHOLE shoe, inside and out (not just the surface).

Kicks Fyx powder mixed with hot water digs deep into leather, mesh, insoles, laces, foam & padding to find and remove the dirt and stink, without any effort from you!

(You don’t even want to touch those nasty shoes anyway, am I right?)

We include a small brush for some gentle scrubbing; it may not be needed – but my daughters thought it looked cute.

The Kicks Fyx Cleaner

We put together a proprietary blend of cleaning agents specifically to deep clean and sanitize athletic shoes.

Not only will they look good, they’ll finally smell good too.

(And along the way I finally got to apply my Organic Chemistry knowledge from college. Frankly it’s about time.)

Where Did Kicks Fyx come from?

As a dad with busy kids, we go through a lot of shoes: court shoes, running shoes, school shoes, shoes worn simply for fashion (whatever that means?). Kids can go through shoes fast…and new shoes aren’t cheap.

Mud, grass stains, and the dreaded “sports-funk” were too much for conventional cleaning. We tried scrubs, sprays, the washing machine: nothing seemed to actually deep clean their shoes. Nothing could ‘fix our kicks’.

So I set out to make my own.

It needed to clean deep (it does!). It couldn’t require too much work (it doesn’t!). No pastes, creams, cloths, or scrubbing with a toothbrush.

Simply fill a bucket with hot water, dump in the cleaner and let the shoes soak. That’s it! Rinse and let dry; they’re good to go.

You finally CAN “fix your kicks” – save the new shoes for next season!

Chris – Founder

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