Original Kicks Fyx Cleaner REFILL


Got more to clean?  If you bought the Original Kicks Fyx cleaner, you already know how great it works and you’ll likely find additional items that could benefit from some Kicks Fyx love.

All you need is our Kicks Fyx Refill – TWICE the amount of Kicks Fyx Cleaner to tackle any size job you’ve got.

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Welcome back returning customers!  Keep on cleaning – this Kicks Fyx Refill is TWICE the amount of Kicks Fyx as the Original, so you can use some now and keep some for later.

You can use 1/4 of the bag for a small job (1/2 US cup in 2.5 US gallons of water), use the whole thing for a big job (2 US cups in 10 US gallons of water), or any amount in between.  Use your Kicks Fyx container (you kept it, right??) to measure out however much you need.  Reminder: one Kicks Fyx screw top container = 1 US cup, to use in 5 US gallons of water.

Net weight: 16 oz (2 US cups)


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