KF Super Scrub


Kicks Fyx Super Scrub is perfect for those hard-to-treat cases: stains along the soles of shoes, discolored tread, or that clear bubble/cushion part that gets cloudy
(Lookin’ at you Adidas AirMax 270s)

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OK, you got me.  The point of Kicks Fyx Cleaner is to not have to scrub, use a paste, or exert much effort.  True.  99% of the time, the original Kicks Fyx Cleaner will handle whatever you've got, but for the tiny 1% sometimes you need a little extra 'umph'.

We listened: welcome to Kicks Fyx Super Scrub, formulated for those difficult-to-treat cases.

Designed to clean the soles of your shoes, Kicks Fyx Super Scrub can be used anywhere as a spot cleaner, as a pre-treat for difficult cases, or anytime during the soak in Kicks Fyx Cleaner.  We made it super strong (hence the name 'Super' Scrub!) so there's still very little effort required from you.  I'm all about us working smarter not harder!


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